Second Grave


Review for Blacken the Sky from Dead Rhetoric

Thank you to Matt Coe at Dead Rhetoric for the great review of our new album “Blacken the Sky.” Read More >>

Second Grave has come to an end

As all things must come to an end, Second Grave too is is being laid to rest. While we are all extremely proud of the new album “Blacken the Sky”, the time has come for us to part ways. As true musicians, everyone has either already been actively playing in other bands, or will eventually re-join the metal scene in other forms. As SG has been a special project to us, we all remain friends and supportive of each other. We have one last show to play, RPM Fest on August 26th. Tickets are selling fast, so if you want to see the full lineup with two guitars, this is your last chance. That being said, we want to thank all of the promotors and venues who booked us, critics who reviewed us, bands we played with, friends we made, and most importantly everyone who has to come to a show, bought our merch, and just plain supported us these last 5 years. Doom on my friends, doom on.

New album officially released!

Our new full-length album “BLACKEN THE SKY” officially released!

The Obelisk review of upcoming new album

Thank you to JJ at the Obelisk for the review and track preview of our upcoming new album—officially releasing tomorrow! Doom on! Read More >>

SG is in the studio!

We’ve been busy this past weekend recording the next album with Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, MA! A bit more tracking to do, but things are sounding quite doomy. Look for a new full-length release from us a little later this summer. Follow us on Instagram @secondgrave for some behind-the-scenes photos!